About The Center

City Center of Neurorehabilitation KCCH #18 has initially opened its doors for the patients in 2002. The finest Kyiv specialists, who permanently improving their skills, give rehabilitation aid for the patients with the effects of (the central) nervous system lesions. Individual rehabilitation program will be drafted for each patient by the group of specialists. Patient family members can also be involved into the rehabilitation process. They will learn the methods of recovering treatment and master the skills of taking care for a patient. There are 32 (hospital) wards with 70 inpatient beds in The Center. A certain number of patients can receive rehabilitation in a day hospital. Such kind of treatment assist for more active social adaptation of the patients and gives the possibility to be surrounded by relatives within a homelike environment.

Basic treatment methods in the City Center of Neurorehabilitation

  1. All kinds of kinesiotherapy and mechanotherapy
  2. Occupational therapy
  3. Mirror visual feedback (mirror therapy)
  4. Mental practices (in order to improve cognitive functions)
  5. Art Therapy
  6. Music therapy
  7. Kinesio Taping (encouraging sensory stimulation, pain alleviation, sensory nerve ending stimulation)
  8. Orthopaedic treatment methods
  9. Nordic walking and (recovering) healing pilates
  10. Massage therapy
  11. Physiotherapy (balneotherapy, electrotherapy and thermotherapy)
  12. Speech therapy (Speech pathologist, aphasiologist)
  13. Rational psychotherapy
  14. Dietotherapy (weight management, BMI calculation)
  15. Pharmacotherapy (inspection of secondary preventive measures minutes implementation)
  16. Therapeutic blockade, botulinum toxin type A treatment
  17. Rehabilitation class (training for patients and relatives)
  18. Patient’s family cooperation (family consultation, acquiring the nursing experience)

Patient Information

Indications and contraindications for the hospitalization

Indications for the hospitalization
  1. Consequences of acute disorder cerebral circulation
  2. Consequences of craniocerebral injury
  3. Consequences of backbone injuries with a spinal cord damage
  4. Post neurosurgical interference conditions due to diseases of the blood vessels of the brain


Contraindications for the hospitalization
  1. Brain vessels aneurysms that threaten with intracerebral haemorrhage
  2. Cardiovascular failure
  3. Decompensation of comorbidity (additional diseases): decompensation stage of diabetes, affection of the respiratory system, digestive system and other systems are make the active rehabilitation unusable (nonoperational)
  4. Malignant tumors
  5. Infectious diseases of its acute phase
  6. All kinds of drug addiction and alcoholism (except for the persistent cure state)
  7. Cachexia and hyperthermia of any origin

For the rehabilitation

All of the patients should be examined. The examination results will help our specialists to determine the terms of hospitalization, frequency of the rehabilitation activities, to draft an individual rehabilitation program, to reveal the contraindications for the rehabilitation activities.

The examination required for the rehabilitation in The City Center of Neurorehabilitation:

  1. CT of the brain or MRI of the brain;
  2. Duplex scanning of the blood vessels of the brain;
  3. Electroencephalography;
  4. Complete blood count;
  5. Clinical urine tests;
  6. Biochemical analysis of blood test (bilirubin, transaminase, creatinine, urea, electrolyte K, Na, Cl);
  7. Blood sugar;
  8. Coagulogram;
  9. Lipid profile (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides);
  10. Ultrasonography of the abdomen;
  11. Gynecologist (women) / urologist (for men);
  12. Electrocardiography;
  13. Echo-cardiography;
  14. R-graphy of the chest cavity.

Following will be helpful for our specialists to make a decision whether you should take the rehabilitation course:

  1. Appointment card from a neurologist or general practitioner according to your place of residence;
  2. Neurologic or neurosurgical hospital excerpt with a diagnosis;
  3. Passport;
  4. MRI images or CT images;
  5. A copy of the sick leave (if the patient works);
  6. Insurance policy (if any).

Admission for hospitalization

For appointments:
+380 44 293 24 11
+380 44 293 24 12

Please have a planned referral for a consultation with a doctor of physical and rehabilitation medicine (code A67022) and a planned referral for hospitalization (code A57001-Medical Rehabilitation, specialty – physical and rehabilitation medicine). Also, it is necessary to provide all medical documentation with the results of patient examinations.

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